Großhandel für Fleischereibedarf

Josef Schwan GmbH - Grosshandel für Fleischereibedarf


Josef and Ruth Schwan established the individual business Schwan in 1934, laying the foundation for a corporate tradition to grow over decades. Initially focussing on the sale of natural and artificial casings in Southern Germany, the business developed to become one of the leading wholesalers for butchery products in Southern Germany during the 1950s, when their sons Peter and Jürgen Schwan joined the company.

In 1978 the company was turned into a GmbH [limited liability company].



Today, Josef Schwan GmbH is being managed in the third generation by Dirk and Ingo Schwan, backed by authorised representatives Rainer Billmann and Andreas Remmele. As many as 60 staff members work in the overall business, comprising an exhibition, storage, production and office area of more than 7,000 m2. Alongside the trade in butchery products, Schwan specialises in processing German hog casings and manufacturing high-quality boiling pans, cooking and baking units as well as combined smoking and cooking units, which are distributed both within Germany and on an international scale.

Schwan has never pursued the principle of being the cheapest “at any price”. In line with the corporate philosophy, however, Schwan’s customers can always rely on quality, punctuality and round-the-clock service. Customer satisfaction is always our top priority.



In 1999 Schwan additionally acquired the company Hermann Fuchs OHG in Mannheim, which is being managed solely by Dirk Schwan. Alongside the trade in butchery products, the company Fuchs OHG also engages in the finishing of German hog casings. For this purpose, casings of approx. 7,000 hogs at the abattoir in Mannheim and approx. 1,000 hogs at the abattoir in Bensenheim are registered, cleaned and sorted every week. Furthermore, abattoir by-products, such as hog maws, chitterlings as well as bungs and bladders, are produced. The company Fuchs OHG has an excellent reputation among meat product factories and butcher shops far beyond the Mannheim region. Fuchs OHG is your competent partner to offer you first-rate service and quality when it comes to natural casings and the entire range of butchery products.

Your competent specialist wholesaler for butchery and catering.

Schwan hat alles für die Wurst

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Butchery products

Large product range comprising 15,000 butchery products in stock.


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All products are delivered within 1 to 4 days throughout Germany.


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Mo - Fr: 08.00 a.m. - 16.30 p.m.
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Repair service

Repair and spare parts service is also available for machines by the company Stein.



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